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Flash banner CMS Bannermate


Take control of your flash banner campaigns instantly and affordably with Bannermate. Break free of the cost and hassle of external agencies on in house designers.


  • Slash fees for creative work.
  • Update in real time.
  • Change images, text, CTA’s, links and more.
  • Custom designed banner layouts.
  • Automatic image backups for non flash clients.
  • Stats and banner campaign insight.
  • Multiple user and extra banner option.
  • Fully compatible with DAR.
  • From just £299 month.
  • Great discounts on contracts.


Instant Control

Now editors and webmasters can manage and update flash banner campaigns in seconds. Bannermate is an easy to use flash banner content management system (CMS) that cuts out the need for external agencies or in house design resources.

All too often editors and marketing departments find the process of updating banners takes too long and costs too much. This powerful system lets teams and individuals make changes themselves in real time and get banners live instantly. It also offers comprehensive traffic reports through its stats engine and produces GIF backups in one click .

Here are some examples of live banners running now

stuff_leader_textRight  442_mpu_textRight  multi_link

Snappy Admin

Bannermate account lets you choose from a selection of pre‐built flash templates that have been custom created so they meet your individual campaign needs. This includes special sizes in addition to the industry standard ad sizes.

Flash banner CMS, Bannermate

Any element can be altered such as the logo, main image, headline, background image or colour and destination URL.. It puts all the power of major campaign management tools at your fingertips.

Bannermate can also create a PNG backup of the flash banner by using a simple snapshot system. This means your banners will work on all devices not running flash or those operating iOS systems.

  • 100% control over banner content.
  • Cut out agency costs for updates.
  • Full traffic reporting for impressions and CTR’s.
  • Option to create multiple versions of the same template.
  • Creates Flash banners with GIF backups.
  • Access through secure dashboard.
  • Quick and easy to use system.
  • Respond to promotions immediately.
  • No files are hosted on your server
  • Fixed monthly costs.

Flash banner CMS

Fully Managed

Step 1
We create a flash banner template that a perfect for a specific kind of message type. We will include space for a logo, headline, cover image and a call‐to‐action button.

Step 2
Once the flash template has been approved we load it onto the system and make it available for editing and publishing.

Step 3
Use a simple piece of code to add the banners to your site. From here onwards you will have complete control over the content of the banner through the dashboard without ever needing to contact ad ops again.


Extra Power

Change all your banner parameters instantly:

  • Logo
  • Cover/product image.
  • Background image.
  • Headline text.
  • Call to action button text.
  • URL link.


How much?

You could be up and running for as little as £25 a month after an initial set-up fee.

Get It Now

Bannermate is revolutionising banner management, try it to today and see how you can enjoy more control and lower campaign overheads in minutes. For more information and to arrange a demonstration please contact us:

t. 020 7033 4269

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Good bye Bonzini foos ball

Its a sad day but one of our nearest and dearest companions is moving to a new family. Our loved and cherished Bonzini table football is leaving the office. Its fait is in the hands of an open auction on Ebay.  We have had some good times with you little table but its time to fly the nest and spread the love. We only hope you go to a good home and are loved as much as you have been here. We also hope to get at least 500 quid for you which would mean you haven’t cost us a penny. It would make a good replacement for a dog, or child if you like that sort of emotional replacement. It does take up quite a lot of space though and we’ve changed over the years.

I think given the time we’ve had the table it held its value very well and has stayed in great condition which is testament to the quality craftsmanship in these kind of tables. Still, it will be sad when you are hauled out of the office onto the back of some fixed wheeled hipster keeno. They will never know the times we’ve had in between our hard work. Many a score has been settled and tense moments dissolved over a quality doubles match.Lee, it all changed when you buggered off to Mexico. On your head be it!

Adiós amigo!

Bonzini football table

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Cheap websites, or how you could be shooting yourself in the foot

The Internet is packed with hundreds of thousands of cheap website services, most of them come as parts of cheap hosting plans, some are stand alone services. Pretty much anyone can build themselves a simple website.

While the website may perform the basic stuff you want it to, it will not be the best it can be, for many reasons.

Things like SEO optimisation, considerations for the best user experience, call to action button theory and a multitude of other crucial things that web design and development companies (like us) are likely to simply not be there, if you do the website yourself or if you hire a cheap bedroom coder. The things I just mentioned come with years of experience and are absolutely critical to building a successful website.

The cost argument might come up if you are just starting your business and want to reduce your spending, however you have to consider that a website that doesn’t sell you in the right light or makes you look cheap will not help you attract new business and win over clients.

If you don’t have a web presence, you don’t exist. If your web presence is not positive, you will be ignored. Playing a game of roulette is fun in a casino, but doing so with your business may not be the best idea.

I hope this article will nudge you in the right direction. You can talk to us about your project. Contact details below.

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