Take control of your on site promotions with Bannermate.

For a while now we have been developing our own banner system called Bannermate. It’s a simple to use banner content management system (CMS) that allows marketeers and webmaster to control in-house banner ads using a pre-designed template that can run on your own website or a partners website.

Using an embed code, the banners can be inserted anywhere on your pages and are controlled through a secure dashboard. The changes are made instantly wherever the banners are embedded and require very little time and knowledge to get them published.

This is what the dashboard looks like

Bannermate dashboard


This type of system is not uncommon online and there are many services out there. But Bannermate is a little different. We design and code your banner for you, rather than you having to think about design and layout. Being an established creative agency and having years of designing banners, we are great at design for your brand and making the banners work for all types of messages.

We’ve found that marketeers are time poor and have very small budgets so we help by designing a reusable banner template that can be used to carry many different types of messages. All you need to do is write decent copy and crop images. That’s easy right?

Who’s it for?

Marketeers – you are responsible for promoting monthly subscription offers for your website or print publication, software release, new product for sale etc and you want to be able to update it when you want.

Editorial teams – you’ve got a new article or competition you want to cross promote throughout your website and you need it quickly.

How you used to work

You brief a designer to create a new banner or set a task for the web editor to update a promotion area with new copy, images and links. Then you feedback on design, approve the changes, sign off, send assets to the web team to upload. Then you wait…

So the problem our clients used to have was the cost and time it used to take to get the banners produced and live online. We have removed the middle men and now you can simply choose the banner you want to use and add the text and images. If it’s the first time you have used the banner you’ll need to grab the short HTML embed code and get that added onto the pages you want the ad to appear on. If the banner is already embedded then you simply update the details and save it. The changes are pushed live into the banner immediately and thats it!

The dashboard provides tracking information that displays impressions and clicks and the source page of the clicks so you can see how your banners are working.

What does it cost? Just £40 a month!

We are running a promotion to get you using Bannermate, so we have cut the cost for setting up a new banner from £250 a banner to ZERO. You will have expert design advice from our designers so we make the banner just how you want it.

You will be charged just £40 a month per banner for a minimum of 3 months so you can trial the system properly.

Find out more information

Go to Bannermate on our website to see some examples of it in action.

Let us show you a demo

Get in touch with Stuart Edwards on 020 7033 4269 or email me at stuart@bythescruff.com and I will give you a demonstration of the system.

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