Advanced WordPress websites with Advanced Custom Fields

We can build basic WordPress web sites in very short amounts of time, blogs, content pages, these things used to be long and complicated, but with WordPress, it all just works out of the box and theming these features is a breeze for any reasonably seasoned web developer. But what about advanced WordPress websites? What about custom listings and custom information bits? What if you have a product showcase and want to display repeatable information bits? Custom fields come to the rescue, however the standard custom fiels functionality is not very user friendly and can quickly become very confusing when you’re trying to manage any reasonable amount of content.

This is where the Advanced Custom Fields plugin comes in super handy, it enables us as the web developers to create a very user friendly backend interface for our users to manage the content and provides us with a very simple API to retrieve the content in the themes we build. This approach is a lot faster than the standard “build your own backend UI” and as a result has a very positive impact on the cost of the project.

Here at By the Scruff, we’ve been building advanced WordPress websites using ACF for almost 2 years and have had only positive feedback about it from our clients.

Here are some screenshots showcasing how we use the Advanced Custom fields plugin:

Advanced wordpress websites example Brit Movie Tours
Advanced wordpress websites example By the Scruff