Appcelerator and the Titanium SDK — a new era in app development

It wasn’t so long ago, when if I said: I’m a developer, people would instantly think that I must be programming applications for PC’s. Today however, PC’s are only one part of the market. Macs, linux distributions, mobile devices based on iOS, Android and Symbian. There are too many out there and developers usually feel that they have to pick one and hold tight to it, which is extremely dangerous as it might not be as popular 2 years later.

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The Appcelerator Titanium SDK offers us a sense of security as it allows us to build applications for a variety of platforms from the same codebase. Meaning that you will not have to re-write the whole application from the ground up if you would like to release it on the Android as well as the iOS.

Titanium essentially is an SDK that allows you to write JavaScript code which later will be rendered on the platform you choose, using bridges to the native application layer of the device. This means that the app will have access to most (if not all) of the resources available to a standard, platform-orientated application, making it fully functional and fast. Titanium provides static(and streaming) video apis, phone apis, geo-location apis, networking apis and many many more features which will speed up your development and drastically reduce the amount of code that you need to write to achieve the desired functionality.

Some example Apps released for the iOS would be: Bud Light HFL (iPhone), MTV’s Jersey Shore Yourself (iPhone) and Swarm SG (iPad).