Bannermate – a powerful flash banner CMS launching this summer

By the Scruff is developing an easy to use banner content management tool that allows website editors and marketeers to manage and update banners without using external agencies or their busy internal design resources.

A beta launch will be available for clients to test in the coming weeks.

The system was developed because all-too-often, editors and marketing departments found the process of updating banners took too long and cost too much. This simple to use system empowers teams and individuals to make changes themselves in real time and cuts out the middle man and ad ops teams to get banners live instantly. It also offers comprehensive traffic reports through its statistical reporting tool and the ability to create GIF backups in one click without the need to upload any files or edit any flash files.

All this is managed through a single piece of JavaScript that doesn’t change ever which means your banners can be altered as quick as you can say Bannermate.

The system is hosted on a UK server with a unique customer URL and allows multiple users to access the password controlled dashboard

How does it work?

Administrators are able to choose from a selection of pre-built flash templates that would have been created especially for their requirements and brands.

Any predefined element can be altered such as logo, image, headline, background image or colour, destination URL etc.

The user can also create a GIF backup of the flash banner by using a simple snapshot system that captures selected frames from the flash banner and then creates a GIF version that is made available if flash is not running on the viewer’s machine or device.


  • 100% control over banner content
  • Cut out agency costs for updates to banners
  • Full traffic reporting for impressions and CTR
  • Creates Flash banners with GIF backups
  • Accessed through secure dashboard
  • Quick and easy to use system
  • Respond to promotions in your time
  • No files are hosted on your server
  • No need to use a database on your website

Functionality – you can change:

  • Logo
  • Cover/product Image
  • Background image
  • Headline text
  • Call to action button text
  • Destination URL

If you would like to be notified when this system will be available for testing please email us or ask us for more information. Pricing details will be issued shortly.

Here is an example on an MPU delivered through Bannermate.