BritMovieTours website redesign and upgrade

The success of Brit Movie Tours has driven the recent changes to the site. Its not just the design thats been updated but the way in which users can search for tours has been massivley improved. Customers can now search and find relevant tours in the location they want using a much better search tool that is clearly placed throughout the site.

The navigation has been made much clearer to drive bookings and make it quicker for customers to find what they want.

Lewis Swan, Managing Director says
“Given my previous experience of how the guys at By the Scruff work and how they always seem to deliver exactly what I wanted (plus more) it was a no brainer for them to redesign our company website. The results have been outstanding and the functionality we now have on the site means people can find tours even easier and get all the information they need within 1 or 2 clicks at most. People say to us they love the simplicity of the site and that its very easy to find things. That has been a big contributing factor to the success of our business since we launched 2 years ago.”

BritMovieTours new home page

Visit the Britmovietours website for some great film and location tours in the OK.