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We have moved

By the Scruff have moved offices and are now co-located with the wonderful people at Brightlemon. We are situated in a open plan office on the ground floor of what used to be the Financial Times, many moons ago.

Still ideally situated in the heart of Tech City we can now provided our services in a typically urban digital environment.

Brightlemon are experts in building community based websites for the likes of British Council, NHS, Amnesty International, UKTI and many other larger organisations. We are working with them to provide creative solutions for their clients and will benefit from their expert skills and experience in building focused community websites.

If you are in the area and want to meet for over a coffee and discuss projects and challenge us to a game of ping pong then get in touch.


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Trying to find an html email developer or a place for lunch in Shoreditch?

So you are either looking for a place to have lunch in Shoreditch or for a company who provides an HTML email design service. Either way, we are able to help you.

If you have read our blog before and have tracked what we discuss you will notice that what we post is not always directly related to who we are or what we do such as the Shoreditch Lunch Club (a vain attempt at trying to attract business from people who might accidentally stumble upon us while looking for a place to eat in Shoreditch). As yet we have not had a single call from anyone who wanted to speak to us about developing a new email campaign whilst looking for the best place to get lunch for under a fiver. That’s not to say it won’t happen but I bet we are more likely to get a free lunch from one of the restaurants we have scored for lunch – at least I hope so.bts-bjp


In any case, if you are looking for a company to speak to about your HTML email campaigns then we could be the right business, assuming we’re not out to lunch that is. Click here for some more details or give us a call.

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Ever heard of Tiny URL?

I saw this poster in Bow town hall while waiting to register the birth of my baby daughter last week. I couldn’t quite believe that the designer of this poster for the borders agency hadn’t pointed out that the URL was completely ridiculous and useless.

Surely this has to be the best example I have ever seen of when to use Tiny URL for a domain name?


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