Work structures – What will be the ‘the new normal’?

When covid-19 hit, businesses had to rethink how they worked. Some already had flexible working in place so they transitioned easier, whilst others needed to put in place the technology to allow this on a full time basis. It isn’t just businesses that have had to adapt during this time. Employees have had to change

We have moved

We have moved offices into the heart of Tech City

Ever heard of Tiny URL?

I saw this poster in Bow town hall while waiting to register the birth of my baby daughter last week. I couldn’t quite believe that the designer of this poster for the borders agency hadn’t pointed out that the URL was completely ridiculous and useless. Surely this has to be the best example I have

Shoreditch Lunch Club

You know another week has passed at By the Scruff when the stomach pleasing lunch club arrives. Every Friday, as a pat on the back for a hard working week, By the Scruff treats itself to lunch on the town. After a few visits to the numerous eateries in London’s Shoreditch area, we decided to