Do You Need to Have a brand Logo for Your Startup?

In addition to all the marketing advice you read about online, you may put the creation of a brand logo on the backseat. But this is an important part of your marketing journey, and we’re going to explain why. Besides the fact that your audience expects you to identify yourself with a memorable logo, there

Online banner advertising turns 20

It has been nearly 20 years since the first banner ad appeared on the youthful internet in 1994, and this is what it looked like: A simple 476×56 gif from the American telecoms giant AT&T Today the effectiveness of this message may be questionable and considered ‘click-baiting’, however at the time it was considerably effective

Women's Education at Mulberry logo

Rebranding Extended Learning for Mulberry School for Girls

In October By The Scruff was approached by Mulberry School for Girls in the nearby area of Tower Hamlets to engage with the rebranding of the Extended Learning department. The existing identity was incoherent, dated and lacked consistency; the school wished to bring a number of extracurricular activities and events programmes under one department of