Shoreditch lunch club: Round 10 – Tram Shed

Its been too long to mention since we last posted a Shoreditch Lunch Club review and lots have changed in 860 days, a hell of a lot. The question is; have the lunch options and eateries changed in Shoreditch in that time? Dam right they have, and there’s more to choose from or at least there are different places

Shoreditch Lunch Club: ROUND 6 – The Japanese Canteen

By the Scruff’s attempt to travel round the world in 80 lunches took us to Japan in the shape of Hoxton’s Japanese Canteen. With emphasis on canteen, the place definitely had more of a take away vibe inside; very small with limited places to sit. With focus on those in a hurry, the ordering method

Shoreditch Lunch Club: ROUND 5 – Little Hanoi

Vietnamese restaurant Little Hanoi hosts the fifth lunch club, situated on Curtain Road, Old Street end. The restaurant has signs outside advertising it’s all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. At £6.50, it seems like a good deal. Even though the restaurant claims to be Vietnamese the lunch buffet is anything but, stocking your standard Chinese regulars: sweet &

Shoreditch Lunch Club: ROUND 4 – Zigfrid Von Underbelly

Round 4 and By the Scruff dines at the trendy Zigfrid Von Underbelly on Hoxton Square. The quirky decor makes for an interesting trip whilst you roam for a seat as Zigfrid’s is a popular location any time of the day. Downstairs holds the club – the Underbelly – which hosts all sorts of acts

Shoreditch Lunch Club: ROUND 3 – Viet Grill

Things are hotting up in the Shoreditch lunch club and the third round has By the Scruff dining at one of the many Vietnamese restaurants in Shoreditch – Viet Grill. Situated on the bustling Kingsland road you are spoilt for choice if the palate craves the far-east, with two other Vietnamese restaurants next door and

Shoreditch lunch club: Victoria Fish Bar anyone?

I passed my local Fish & Chip shop last night called Victoria Fish Bar on Roman Road. This take-away restaurant is seriously stuck in a battered time warp from 1971 as are its owners. It amazes me how some businesses stay open as this is as far away from the Indian, Turkish and Lebanon take-always

Shoreditch Lunch Club: ROUND 2 – Electricity Showrooms

Round 2 of the lunch club saw us visit the 1920’s esque Electricity Showrooms in Hoxton Square. After entering through the tricky rotating door (a definite health risk come 2am) the place had a nice buzz and sat with a window view of Hoxton street. In the Summer, these windows open right up. Perhaps a

Shoreditch Lunch Club: ROUND 1 – Cargo

So the lunch club is officially up and running and the first contender is Rivington street’s bar/club Cargo. It was a dreary day in Shoreditch so we opted to eat inside but the place has a great outside terrace perfect for a summer’s day sunning. The offer at the time of visiting was a £5

Shoreditch Lunch Club

You know another week has passed at By the Scruff when the stomach pleasing lunch club arrives. Every Friday, as a pat on the back for a hard working week, By the Scruff treats itself to lunch on the town. After a few visits to the numerous eateries in London’s Shoreditch area, we decided to