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How to develop a strategy for a service-based business

When developing a website strategy for a service-based business, there are specific considerations to ensure you effectively showcase your services and attract potential clients. Here are some steps you can follow: Remember, your website serves as a digital representation of your service business. Prioritise showcasing the value you provide, building trust with potential clients, and

Marketing Strategies: Building a client base

Since the advent of the digital sphere, the marketing strategies that companies utilise to build and retain a solid client base have altered dramatically. Whether businesses fall into B2B or B2C categories, manufacture and sell products or provide services, the shift to digital channels has been all-encompassing. Now that the vast majority of companies have

Strategies for Social Media Management

Running a successful social media management campaign can be a difficult concept to get your head around. No matter the industry you work in, whether you’re a sole trader attempting to raise your own business profile or a social media manager for an international business, it can prove hard work to bring in the necessary

Details in Design

There are a huge number of factors that comprise a successful businesses, with marketing and advertising playing a huge role in deepening a customer’s relationship with a brand. Graphic design is a crucial foundation on which to build the visual representation of your business, as studies have discovered that 90% of information transmitted in the

Top trends for web developers in 2021

As we head into the first part of the new year, it is vitally important for web developers to stay ahead of the curve in 2021. The current total number of websites has reached 1.8 billion, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In a heavily saturated sector, web developers need to show what

Search & Display: Ins and Outs

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) has emerged a serious contender to replace more traditional forms of marketing and advertising, particularly within the digital sector. Advertisers pay a fee each time an online user clicks onto an ad, offering a cost effective method of gathering data and attracting new customers.    This new model of advertising is perhaps best

New Year, New Strategies

After the most eventful year in modern memory, many marketers will be dusting themselves off and heading back to the drawing board to prepare for another year. It is more important than ever for businesses to maximise their online engagement for their website and social media channels. With a dramatic shift to the digital sphere

SEO Searches and Strategies

For anyone who is well versed in digital marketing and website development, the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is common knowledge. Implementing a robust SEO strategy has become an integral aspect of marketing for businesses in all sectors. Much of a companies’ online success depends on the visibility of the website in searches and

Digital marketing trends in 2021

2020 has been a year of upheaval and uncertainty, the drastic lifestyle changes and impact on the international economy has been difficult for all of us. Digital marketing has not escaped the changing landscape, and marketers need to ensure that they remain on top of the trends for the upcoming year. As we approach 2021,

Black Friday - advertising and effect

Advertise and Affect: Black Friday Tips

From the days of soap operas promoting Ivory Soap and print ads filling the pages of newspapers, advertising has evolved alongside the modern world. The tools and techniques for achieving optimum traffic to websites and appeal for products has shifted dramatically to the digital sphere.  Black Friday, one of the most important dates on the

building your brand - by the scruff

Building your brand

Branding is a cornerstone of all successful businesses, whether in the form of a striking logo or eye-catching website design. Polishing your outward appearance to customers and competitors is only one side of the story, as your company expands you will find there is far more to building your brand that you might think. Data