Lucy - By The Scruff Digital Projects Manager

Q&A with the newest By The Scruff team member: Lucy Pankhurst

Lucy joined the By The Scruff team in October 2020 as Digital Project Manager. With over ten years experience in web management and digital marketing, she will be on hand to manage any web support and marketing tasks. How did you get into digital content and marketing?I studied Media, Culture & Production at Southampton Solent

Lead generation

Lead generation: A necessary evil?

  If you’re like me, the idea of tackling ‘lead generation’ might feel less than comfortable. Despite my reluctance to fine-tune my marketing hat into a more proactive ‘weapon’, I’ve been surprised at how much the right tools have eased the process. With the help of a new lead generation software, I’ve overcome my reservations

Flash banner CMS Bannermate

A REVOLUTION IN EASY, SCALEABLE BANNER MANAGEMENT Take control of your flash banner campaigns instantly and affordably with Bannermate. Break free of the cost and hassle of external agencies on in house designers. Features Slash fees for creative work. Update in real time. Change images, text, CTA’s, links and more. Custom designed banner layouts. Automatic

Good bye Bonzini foos ball

Its a sad day but one of our nearest and dearest companions is moving to a new family. Our loved and cherished Bonzini table football is leaving the office. Its fait is in the hands of an open auction on Ebay.  We have had some good times with you little table but its time to fly the nest and

Chocolate Fudge Crunch Creams rock

When something exceptional happens on the biscuit front we have to mention it. We have had such a situation this week with a new biscuit that has made its way into our office biscuit tin.

Flash vs future technology

In the past you would have been hard pressed to find a flash website or any flash content on the internet, but with huge advances in the platform, thanks to Adobe, Flash is a multimedia platform…

Latest web and online projects

Its a beautiful day today in Shoreditch and maybe the warmest so far this year. I wonder how many other local design agencies are thinking why we don’t work from our laptops on the beach. They are probably already there!

Hello from our newest team member

Hello! My name is Andy and I am the newest recruit to the By The Scruff team. I have been working for By The Scruff for three months now and despite being the worst player of table football in the studio, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far. A very short bit about

Enter our survey – How is your recession?

Lets see how you are feeling about the recession and how it has impacted your job or business so far. This is just for fun, if there is such a thing given the circumstances.

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