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WordPress Gutenberg

WordPress has evolved over the years, from a humble blogging platform, to a full fledged CMS. The complexity of the web sites has also grown and the content editing capabilities had to grow with it. WordPress always has had custom fields built in for years, but the interface was so unfriendly to regular users, that

Online banner advertising turns 20

It has been nearly 20 years since the first banner ad appeared on the youthful internet in 1994, and this is what it looked like: A simple 476×56 gif from the American telecoms giant AT&T Today the effectiveness of this message may be questionable and considered ‘click-baiting’, however at the time it was considerably effective

Can you manage your own website

Over the years the internet has gone through some dramatic changes. Much development has gone into making the web open for all and not just trained designers and developers. Its the obvious progression and has allowed millions of website to flourish and business owners the ability to take control of their own online channels. No

How to choose the best open source content management system in 2013

So you’re a business in the market for a new website. You already know that having the best open source content management system would enable your business to edit the content of your website, maintain it and be able to get good quality support. Which CMS should you choose and how do you go about

By the Scruff

Responsive web interfaces (Part 1)

The web has evolved from the old days when most web sites were built to a max width of 800px to a state where the number of resolutions that must be considered by a designer is too large to count…

The Litmus Test

People receive their email in a wide variety of ways. That is why when we design and code emails it is important to ensure that they work and format correctly across a wide selection of email clients.

WordPress as a CMS (Part 1)

WordPress has always been one of the top platforms for bloggers, due to its simplicity and extendability, however the last 2 years have shown us that blogging is just the tip of the iceberg and jumping down the WordPress rabbit hole can lead to some outstanding websites.

node.js – a passing fad or the future of the web?

node.js has been going for a good while now and its adaptation is spreading pretty quickly, a windows executable has been released recently and that has opened a whole new market segment for this language.

Flash vs future technology

In the past you would have been hard pressed to find a flash website or any flash content on the internet, but with huge advances in the platform, thanks to Adobe, Flash is a multimedia platform…

Web Typography

It used to be the case that the internet was pretty dull when it came to typography. System fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana and Comic Sans (for those with a bad sense of humour) being commonplace, but not anymore! Web typography has come leaps and bounds in recent years…