Custom or Template WordPress Theme – Which is Better for Internet Marketing?

A question that arises in every business is the type of theme they should choose. WordPress is currently used by around 43% of all the websites on the internet. However, that doesn’t mean that choosing the right theme is an easy choice. It highly depends on your internet marketing goals, as both custom and templated


Why WordPress for your CMS?

Amongst the hundreds of sites offering cutting edge CMS features and options, it can be difficult to pinpoint the perfect platform. For creative agencies and corporate companies alike, WordPress CMS can prove to be a perfect fit for organising and publishing your content. With a 63% share in the CMS market and powering 37.6% of

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Should I use a WordPress theme to build my website?

Like all business owners, our clients understand the importance of having a great website. They also know that learning to write code isn’t the only route to success. At By the Scruff, we’re often asked what’s involved in using a website theme and whether it’s a better option than hiring a web developer. If you’ve

How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress

You are probably already sold on WordPress and understand that it’s most likely the best solution for your business. How to install WordPress is going to be your first question. One of the main reasons why WordPress is so popular today is because it was famous for having a “5 minute install” during the days

WordPress themes

Where are the best free WordPress themes?

One of the most appreciated features of WordPress is the ability to radically change the appearance and functionality by simply changing the theme. We would like to provide a few resources to make finding the best free WordPress themes easier. 1. The theme directory This is simply the largest free WordPress theme resource out

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a very powerful, free and open source blogging platform and content management system. As of today, it powers over 68 Million active web sites. It’s very customisable and can be extended to build pretty much anything from a simple blog to a shopping solution to even a social network. So what is WordPress

Can you manage your own website

Over the years the internet has gone through some dramatic changes. Much development has gone into making the web open for all and not just trained designers and developers. Its the obvious progression and has allowed millions of website to flourish and business owners the ability to take control of their own online channels. No

WordPress updates and maintenance: be very careful

WordPress is designed to be simple and easy to work with. Most of our clients don’t require any training and have no problems editing the site themselves. Maintenance however is a different beast. Clicking the upgrade button isn’t hard and 90% of the time, everything will be fine, however it’s still a pretty big risk

Mobile WordPress website for award winning salon, The Wonderlab.

A new hair and beauty salon called The Wonderlab, based in Chorley Wood, opened its doors in 2013 and has launched a new responsive website. Designed by ROAR Creativity and developed by By The Scruff, the website uses the ever popular WordPress system with a bespoke design. The responsive website allows customers to see whats

How to choose the best open source content management system in 2013

So you’re a business in the market for a new website. You already know that having the best open source content management system would enable your business to edit the content of your website, maintain it and be able to get good quality support. Which CMS should you choose and how do you go about

Advanced WordPress websites with Advanced Custom Fields

We can build basic WordPress web sites in very short amounts of time, blogs, content pages, these things used to be long and complicated, but with WordPress, it all just works out of the box and theming these features is a breeze for any reasonably seasoned web developer. But what about advanced WordPress websites? What