Chocolate Fudge Crunch Creams rock

When something exceptional happens on the biscuit front we have to mention it.  We have had such a situation this week with a new biscuit that has made its way into our office biscuit tin.These were bought into the office by our latest intern Nick Lawrence. He’ll go far!

Fox's Chocolate Crunch CreamsChocolate Fudge Crunch Creams have left a lasting impression with the team. When the sun stops shining and the brain struggles to kick in after the weekend there is nothing better than a good biscuit fix. These biscuits are surprising, uplifting, thought provoking and above all, endorphin producing – we believe that a good biscuit could save the world from its troubles. World auesterity measures should include biscuits as part of their startegy.

It has to be said that when we have a good biscuit in the office we are working at our most creative and productive levels. Online marketing strategies, creative email design and beautiful flash banners come naturally as we drift into the calmness and warmth generated by a good biscuit. There is always the risk that you could get a bit carried away with yourself, but thats fine. Just go with it.

We love you Fox’s, we are at one with your Chocolate Fudge Crunch Creams.

Thank you!