Choosing the right agency partner

Agency partner
Let’s go back to the beginning: why do you need a Marketing Agency partner? The answer is wrapped up in your vision for the business. Some companies want a marketing tool wielded by a marketing expert. If you want to go in a straight line from strategy to sales, a Marketing Agency who knows their stuff will get you there.

However, companies with an inclusive vision have a different approach. If the journey is as important as the destination, you’ll want a Marketing Agency that values collaboration. In this scenario, the Agency is an extension of your team. At By The Scruff, this is the way we like to work.  

But make no mistake, the end goal is the same: to improve the bottom line. 

What does the right Agency Partner look like? 

Once you have shortlisted Agencies to those that show the best potential, here’s a 3-point checklist to help you make a decision: 

1) Has the Agency been around the block and have the t-shirt to prove it? 

Why is this important? It illustrates measurable success on the part of the agency. They have staying power.  They produce good work. They keep up with trends. And, last but not least, they value their clients. 

By The Scruff has been building relationships to last for almost 20-years.  So, look out for how long the Agency has been in the business. How many clients continue to turn to them for solutions?  

2) Is it us-and-them?

The right Agency partner will become part of your team.  Your targets  will become their targets. But, perhaps more importantly, they will know which of your business constraints they should find a way to overcome in the quest for success. 

3) Are there results on the horizon, and is the Agency driving you there in a fast car?

Don’t let fast talk impress you.  You’re looking for meaningful results, not arbitrary conversions that don’t ultimately improve your sales. Straight talking professionals with a reputation for success  have nothing to prove.

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Working with a Marketing Agency partner doesn’t have to be complicated.  The trick is in taking the time to choose the right agency in the first place. Contact us