Customer testimonial video created for Croner

Croner have commissioned By the Scruff to create a unique customer testimonial video that will be used on exhibition stands, sales conferences and on the website. At total of 10 interviews are being filmed around the country from afar afield as Sheffield to Cardiff.

Croner’s customers were asked to describe their experiences of working with Croner, demonstrating how they are resolving internal situations and/or complexities with the help of Croner’s employment and health & safety consulting services.

Our professional film crew has been travelling around the country meeting Croner’s clients and conducting these interviews for the past two months. The result has been a brilliant insight to what their customers really value about the service and the relationship they have with Croner employees.

Nancy Zukowski, Head of Commercial Management & Marketing says: “Customer feedback is a critical factor in determining how we are meeting their needs. Filmed testimonials allow us to gather feedback on our products and services and help further improve delivery to customers. We at Croner take these testimonials to heart and use them as referrals for potential clients, to showcase our staff and sales force performance and as guides in servicing clients: they remind us of how valued Croner’s employment and health & safety services are, particularly in the current business environment. They are an amazing sales and marketing tool as well.

Cathy Wolfe, CEO, Wolters Kluwer UK, couldn’t have hoped for a better end result:

“Our video testimonials, showcased at our national sales conference, were very well received. Hearing first-hand how crucial our compliance guidance is to our clients is a true testament to the excellent service we provide. Moreover, having these extremely powerful tools on film places us ahead of our competition. A production of this quality will be an asset in the acquisition of new clients and will help Croner grow our business in a competitive market place.”

By the Scruff is able to provide a full filming and editing service that can be used in all kinds of marketing from online viral video to conference presentations. Please contact us for more information on this service and how By the Scruff can help with your business communications.