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Email template features

  • Flexible Mailchimp template
  • Free to use
  • Great for product promotion
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Eight editable modules
  • Advanced template drag & drop blocks
  • Editable global button colours
  • Use your business logo

How to install and use the template

  1. Log in to Your Mailchimp Account: Open your web browser, go to the Mailchimp website, and log in to your Mailchimp account.

  2. Access the Templates Section: Once you’re logged in, go to the Mailchimp dashboard. In the left-hand navigation menu, click on “Templates” to access the templates section.

  3. Import Your Template: In the templates section, click on the “Create Template” button. From the options that appear, select “Import ZIP” since you have the zip file ready for upload.

  4. Upload the template Zip File: You’ll be prompted to upload the zip file. Click the “Upload” button and select the zip file containing your template files from your computer.

  5. Customise Template Settings: Mailchimp will process the zip file and display the template editor. Customise the template settings, such as the template name, folder, and preview text. You will change teh content in later steps.

  6. Save Your Custom Template: After making any changes, click the “Save” button to save your custom template. It will now be available in your Mailchimp account for use in email campaigns.

  7. Use Your Custom Template in Campaigns: When creating a new email campaign, you can select your custom template from the templates library.

  8. Changing images: you will need to ensure your images are the same width as the images used in our template.

  9. Selecting content modules: you can use any of content blocks you decide to use.

  10. Test and Preview: Before sending your campaign, test and preview it to ensure that your custom template appears as expected.

  11. Send or Schedule Your Campaign: Finally, once you’re satisfied with your email campaign using your custom template, you can send it immediately or schedule it for a specific date and time.

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