Examining your ESP options

Person checking emails on laptop

Email is the key to communication in the modern era. The staggering number of emails sent every day is expected to reach 320 billion by 2021, contained within that are 124 billion business emails. A strong email campaign is vital to your businesses’ voice being heard loud and clear amongst the corporate clamour. 

In the face of such an overwhelming amount of correspondence, the quality of your marketing emails is of the utmost importance to your business. But which email service provider (ESP) has the best templates, or presents the most effective analytics? Examining the latest features and employing the correct service for your business is essential to grab the attention of your customers. 


The most popular ESP in the digital marketplace is Mailchimp, known for their user friendly interface and detailed analytics. The free plan is especially useful for small businesses attempting to solidify their market position, with a contact list of up to 2000 subscribers and fully customisable newsletters. For start-ups and established companies alike, a wealth of new features have become available for your marketing campaigns. 

The Customer Journey Builder enables you to construct a dynamic, automated pathway for your subscribers follow. Automations can increase sales, connect your business with new contacts and boost customer loyalty. The Mailchimp mobile app enables marketers to create newsletters and email campaigns on the go, with mobile landing pages having just been implemented.


Whilst Mailchimp dominates the ESP sector, especially for start-ups and businesses on a budget, Sailthru is a provider promising greater personalisation and stronger relationships with clients and customers. This platform enables enterprises to deliver unique, fully customisable marketing communications across multiple channels. Sailthru have recently unveiled a selection of new features.

Email Summary sets out historical graphs in a table view, allowing marketers to easily sift through performance metrics and campaign data that updates on communications sent out yesterday or a month previously. These analytics are easily shared to colleagues and are intuitive to customise. The Lifecycle Optimizer combines automated emails with customer-specific communications, while Saved Rows allow drag-and-drop headers and designs to be added to templates.

Campaign Monitor

An ESP provider strongly grounded in email, whereas competitors often branch out into other areas. With such a strong anchor in a single form of communication, Campaign Monitor is able to provide a straightforward email platform with an unlimited number of contact lists. The ESP’s infrastructure can handle personalised mail sent to millions of subscribers, so large-scale enterprises benefit hugely from Campaign Monitor.

Constant updates to the features are made, such as new Design and Spam tests to ensure your communications are delivered. Regular updates to the Campaign page improve the Edit, Search and Overview functions to ensure campaigns are created quickly and sent out smoothly. The technical side of launching campaigns is constantly streamlined and made smoother. 

Making the right choice

These are just three of the plethora of ESP networks available for marketers and businesses. With so many varieties, features and functions available for your email marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to pinpoint the best one for your purposes. By the Scruff have refined the process of turning campaign ideas into eye-catching and creative templates. Learn how to make your mark with your customers and keep them coming back for more.