Flash banner CMS Bannermate


Take control of your flash banner campaigns instantly and affordably with Bannermate. Break free of the cost and hassle of external agencies on in house designers.


  • Slash fees for creative work.
  • Update in real time.
  • Change images, text, CTA’s, links and more.
  • Custom designed banner layouts.
  • Automatic image backups for non flash clients.
  • Stats and banner campaign insight.
  • Multiple user and extra banner option.
  • Fully compatible with DAR.
  • From just £299 month.
  • Great discounts on contracts.


Instant Control

Now editors and webmasters can manage and update flash banner campaigns in seconds. Bannermate is an easy to use flash banner content management system (CMS) that cuts out the need for external agencies or in house design resources.

All too often editors and marketing departments find the process of updating banners takes too long and costs too much. This powerful system lets teams and individuals make changes themselves in real time and get banners live instantly. It also offers comprehensive traffic reports through its stats engine and produces GIF backups in one click .

Here are some examples of live banners running now


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