New Flash banner CMS

This week By the Scruff announced a bespoke Flash banner CMS created for Haymarket Publishing. The CMS allows staff within the company the ability to dynamically edit text and images within the banner without any previous Flash knowledge. The banner can be previewed and new content published live without the need to physically replace the SWF file and so can sit within the banner management system and be updated on the fly.

The first brands to benefit from the Flash banner CMS include the men’s gadget magazine ‘Stuff’ and the football magazine ‘FourFourTwo’ with the iPad2 launch being the very first campaign.


442_mpu_textBtm whf_mpu_special

For more information about the Flash banner CMS or if you feel your company could benefit from a such a service, feel free to drop us a line on 0207 033 4269 or email [email protected] and we can discuss how the banner system can help you and your business.