Good bye Bonzini foos ball

Its a sad day but one of our nearest and dearest companions is moving to a new family. Our loved and cherished Bonzini table football is leaving the office. Its fait is in the hands of an open auction on Ebay.  We have had some good times with you little table but its time to fly the nest and spread the love. We only hope you go to a good home and are loved as much as you have been here. We also hope to get at least 500 quid for you which would mean you haven’t cost us a penny. It would make a good replacement for a dog, or child if you like that sort of emotional replacement. It does take up quite a lot of space though and we’ve changed over the years.

I think given the time we’ve had the table it held its value very well and has stayed in great condition which is testament to the quality craftsmanship in these kind of tables. Still, it will be sad when you are hauled out of the office onto the back of some fixed wheeled hipster keeno. They will never know the times we’ve had in between our hard work. Many a score has been settled and tense moments dissolved over a quality doubles match.Lee, it all changed when you buggered off to Mexico. On your head be it!

Adiós amigo!

Bonzini football table