Hello from our newest team member


My name is Andy and I am the newest recruit to the By The Scruff team. I have been working for By The Scruff for three months now and despite being the worst player of table football in the studio, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far.

A very short bit about me: My background is in graphic and communications design with a special fondness for digital, interactive and web design. My passions apart from design include electronic music, art and good beer. I dislike smelly cheese!

In the time that I have worked for By The Scruff I have been involved in a variety of projects, mainly website design, email design and creating flash banners. In addition to these, I have been part of the creative process in developing ideas and concepts for a number of brands.

One of the most recent projects I worked on was creating a Christmas flash banner campaign for Classic FM Magazine. This consisted of creating a flash banner promoting the magazine’s free CD offer over the Christmas period. It was important to maintain a good quality design with a small file size. See one of the results below.

I have also recently worked on a range of digital promotions / E-marketing and HTML email campaigns. These included another flash banner for SHL promoting their new iPQ career planner iPhone app, a digital invitation (or eInvite) for The WhatCar? Car of the year 2011 Awards, a marketing email for Optimax, and a Christmas eCard for The Wimbledon School of English sent through our email marketing platform BTS Mail. See below for some examples from these projects.

WhatCar? Awards eInvite & Optimax email

I look forward to working on future projects with our current and any future clients.

Kind regards,


Designer and new proud member of By The Scruff

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