Shoreditch Lunch Club

You know another week has passed at By the Scruff when the stomach pleasing lunch club arrives. Every Friday, as a pat on the back for a hard working week, By the Scruff treats itself to lunch on the town. After a few visits to the numerous eateries in London’s Shoreditch area, we decided to keep a diary of our escapades and experiences to help those feeling dazed at the choice Old Street offers to the ravenous.

To help establish the top places, marks out of 10 will be given on the following criteria:

  • Speed of service – less time waiting, more time eating
  • Quality – fresh or from frozen?
  • Quantity – we’re not on diets
  • Location – distance to office
  • Value – £5 (or close) lunch menu

A 5 point bonus will be awarded to those offering the following:

  • Fish & chips on menu (it is Friday after all)

May the best lunch win! Check back here soon for reviews…