Marketing Strategies: Building a client base

Since the advent of the digital sphere, the marketing strategies that companies utilise to build and retain a solid client base have altered dramatically. Whether businesses fall into B2B or B2C categories, manufacture and sell products or provide services, the shift to digital channels has been all-encompassing. 

Now that the vast majority of companies have established an online presence, start-ups and recognised businesses have had to rethink and re-energise their marketing strategies to adapt to an ever-evolving climate. The growing competition has seen companies clamouring for a loyal client base, but there are a number of aspects to take into account before launching a new marketing or advertising campaign. 

Know your audience 

The first stage to any successful venture is prior planning, and if your objective is to build a dependable base of clients, then authenticity and trust are paramount. According to market research, 81% of consumers said that they needed to trust brands before purchasing from them. This is of especial importance for companies for whom sales is a key factor in their business model. Conducting thorough research into your target market, identifying potential leads and constructing marketing personas is a highly effective method of ensuring your brand understands the thoughts and needs of its audience. 

As the wider world develops, consumer views and necessities will inevitably undergo changes. One of the best ways to cement your business’ reputation and retain clients is to prove your authenticity. Don’t just convince consumers that the services and products you provide are of the highest quality, build strong relationships with clients via social channels and keep your branding messages consistent. Engage with your online following at every opportunity, pose questions to them about the challenges they face and how you can help to overcome them. 

If you are in the early days of your business venture then ensure that your brand values permeate through all aspects of your company, and if you are established then conduct regular analysis of your values, messaging and services to ensure that it resonates with clients and customers.

Generating leads 

Lead generation is an essential tactic for building up your client base and sending messages that result in a positive outcome. For smaller scale businesses, perusing online directories such as WhitePages and Yelp you can discover thousands of companies and gain direct access to their business type, geographical location and niches. By combining these searches with social media channels, namely LinkedIn, you can cultivate a large list of potential clients in a short amount of time. 

If your company is already of a larger scale and has more capital to invest, the older methods of website extraction and searching online databases are an excellent option. These popular methods can be performed in bulk, and often the quickest method of gaining a wide range of prospective clients that are already pre-verified. Though more expensive, there are a number of positive aspects to gaining access to these digital information banks.

At By the Scruff, we have almost two decades worth of experience in aiding businesses in simplifying their marketing challenges and producing effective, simple solutions. Our combination of deep expertise and plain-speaking communication can aid your business in creating a rock-solid, dependable client base no matter your size or sector.