Smart Facts mobi site goes live for Computing

By the Scruff are commissioned to design a mobile site for IBM to run on the Computing mobile site. We designed the brand, layout and navigation and the banner ads that feature on the mobi site and the V3 and Computing websites.The development was carried out by Black Mobile Solutions

“Computing magazine is a well established information brand for senior IT professionals.  With consistently growing traffic to our mobile site, we were keen to engage more with these people and get an understanding of how they are interacting with the mobile platform.  In association with IBM, we came up with Smart Facts, a mobile site where users get facts about the effect of inaccurate data on businesses.  Users have the opportunity to find out more about these issues and enter their email address if they wish to receive an IBM white paper on the topic.  The mobile site also includes some poll questions to test the level of user engagement.

In order to achieve this we firstly needed a design for the mobile site and then some traffic drivers to encourage people to switch from PC to mobile to view the site.  With very little brief or direction, By the Scruff created a fantastic brand for Smart Facts and design for the site.  Both ourselves and IBM were immediately pleased.

Creating traffic drivers brought about a different set of challenges as we needed to encourage people to not simply view but they could only do so on their phone.  By the Scruff decided to create ads with phone number capture so users were prompted to enter their phone number and we’d send a SMS with a link to  The ads look great and response so far has been very encouraging.

It’s always a pleasure working with By the Scruff, their ideas and energy is great and the product always comes out looking fantastic.” Louise Burry, Online Marketing Manager, Incisive Media