Schuh Lookbook

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Revolutionising Schuh's Lookbook Experience with a Custom WordPress Theme

Schuh lookbook website design and management


In the fast-paced world of fashion, Schuh, a renowned brand, recognized the need for efficient and timely seasonal updates. Traditionally, printed lookbooks were used, but they proved to be limiting when quick changes were required. To overcome this challenge, Schuh sought a modern solution that would provide flexibility and an enhanced user experience. This article delves into how Schuh revolutionized their seasonal updates by embracing a custom WordPress theme.


Schuh understood the importance of a responsive and user-friendly approach to meet their seasonal update needs. They aimed to simplify the process, making it easier to update collections and ensure a seamless browsing experience for their customers. The approach involved the development of a custom WordPress theme tailored specifically for Schuh’s requirements.


The custom WordPress theme provided a comprehensive solution to Schuh’s seasonal update challenges. Here’s how it addressed their needs:

Streamlined Updates Made Easy:

The intuitive content management system of the custom WordPress theme empowered Schuh’s team to effortlessly upload and replace product images, descriptions, and details. This streamlined process eliminated the need for extensive lead times, enabling Schuh to stay ahead of the competition with timely updates.

Enhancing the Lookbook Experience:

The custom WordPress theme took Schuh’s lookbook concept to new heights. It incorporated multiple categories that could be easily interchanged, allowing Schuh to showcase a diverse range of products and collections seamlessly. This dynamic approach enhanced the customer experience, enabling them to explore different styles, categories, and seasonal trends effortlessly.

High-Resolution Image Downloads and Sample Requests:

Understanding the importance of visual appeal, the custom WordPress theme offered the option to download high-resolution images. This feature catered to the needs of stylists, influencers, and media outlets, who often require top-quality visuals for their promotional efforts. Additionally, the integration of a call-in feature allowed Schuh’s customers to request image samples, empowering them to make informed decisions and further enhancing their shopping experience.