Q&A with the newest By The Scruff team member: Lucy Pankhurst

Lucy - By The Scruff Digital Projects Manager

Lucy joined the By The Scruff team in October 2020 as Digital Project Manager. With over ten years experience in web management and digital marketing, she will be on hand to manage any web support and marketing tasks.

How did you get into digital content and marketing?
I studied Media, Culture & Production at Southampton Solent University and in my final year I focused on website design and content production. I actually produced a multipage website filled with different forms of content instead of a dissertation. When I graduated I secured a role writing copy and creating product pages for an e-commerce golf company. From there I used the skills I learnt at University to help me branch out into other areas; creating and editing videos, managing social media accounts and graphic design. I have now been working in web management and digital marketing for over ten years!

What is your favourite thing about the digital marketing landscape?
There is always something new to learn as everything can change so quickly, which means no day is ever really the same. There is always a drive to update or evolve content, website design, social media so when you work in digital marketing, you can always be better. It is a real motivator!

What is something you are really looking forward to in the next year?
It would be wonderful to see the world get back to normal a little bit as it would be great to get out and meet clients. On a personal note, I would love to be able to go on my honeymoon with my new husband as it was sadly cancelled due to COVID-19.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love spending time with my family and friends, I have several godchildren who make sure I never get bored. I have two cats who I adore and in normal times, you will often find me at the cinema with my husband enjoying a large bag of sweet popcorn. And the movie of course!

What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?
I am not sure it is all that surprising as I have two cats but my husband and I foster cats and kittens for our local RSPCA. In the last year we have taken care of three young cats, one of whom was quite sickly and stayed with us for many months. It is both wonderful and sad to see them go off to their new homes.

What is your role at By the Scruff?
I will be working in a lot of different areas which is exciting but I am the point person for all web support for our client Medallia on their EMEA and APAC websites. I will also be handling general support for other clients, carrying out research, acting as a client liaison and managing social campaigns and other marketing activities.

How do we get hold of you?
You can email me at [email protected] or give me a call on 020 7033 4269.