Real time display advertising launched for Croner Solutions

real time display advertising

Croner solutions have started using our real time display advertising system, Bannermate. These custom designed ad units are now featured on numerous websites promoting new business regulations and Health and Safety guidance.

The marketing team at Croner have found the benefits of using this system are proving to be cost effective, instant to update and easy to control through a secure online dashboard.

These are some of the banners they are using:


This is where the banner site on EDExec

real time display advertising

“Banners are working like a dream…”

Chris Reeve, Croner Solutions

Croner Solutions provide businesses with advice on regulations that are constantly changing and they needed to be able to respond to changes in regulation and how their products and services are relevant. Being able to instaly update there adverts wherever they are showing, without the need for a designer or lengthy sign off process is proving to be very powerful indeed and already they are receiving enquiries.

The banners are displayed on relevant websites that tackle these issues for business managers and regulators.

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