Search & Display: Ins and Outs

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) has emerged a serious contender to replace more traditional forms of marketing and advertising, particularly within the digital sector. Advertisers pay a fee each time an online user clicks onto an ad, offering a cost effective method of gathering data and attracting new customers.   

This new model of advertising is perhaps best known in the paid search ads that appear alongside or above search engine results. So how exactly does PPC work, what are its major benefits and would it be beneficial to modern marketers? 

How it works

Paid search advertisements appear on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), usually after a commercial search has been entered by a user. Businesses of all stripes pay to have their ads posted, however companies cannot simply offer more money to ensure their ads feature prominently. The Ad Auction is a bidding system that in which advertisers bid for the keywords they wish to display on their ads. 

Selecting and bidding for the most relevant keywords is essential, as you will be paying for each click and can ensure that you are gaining return on investment (ROI). Keyword research for your PPC campaign is imperative to its success, but can be quite costly and time consuming. To maximise your potential earnings, you will need an exhaustive list of relevant keywords that represent your niche and target market, as you don’t want to pay for clicks that provide no return.

What it can bring 

Thus far, investing in PPC may seem quite an endeavour. However, the benefits of establishing a campaign quickly become evident when taking into account that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors. For high commercial intent searches, in which someone is purposefully seeking to buy a product, paid ads receive 65% of all clicks. 

Aside from gaining clicks and buying products, PPC is an extremely fluid tool to use as a part of your wider marketing strategy. It is easy to track and measure thanks to the compatibility of Google Ads and Google Analytics, enabling you to gather data to inform your keyword research and refine your targets. Increasing brand awareness across a wide array of mediums including social media and video sharing platforms including YouTube. SEO and PPC often work hand-in-hand as they are geared towards to same target audience.

Why take the plunge

PPC has proven itself to be a reliable channel to increase company profits and promote a brand’s identity. If you’re seeking to establish an effective PPC campaign for your own business but require some guidance before setting it up, By the Scruff can provide the expert knowledge and industry experience to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.