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Powerful web banners

Elegant banners with Flash, animation and multimedia.

Digital advertising has never been more competitive. With billions of pounds at stake, and thousands of companies clamouring for attention, it’s only the most creative campaigns, and the very best banner ads which will stand out from the crowd.

However visually sophisticated the brief, we never forget that our designs should focus on delivering their message to encourage users to respond. Our campaigns have seen increases in sales of up to 40% through the use of better design and clearer calls to action.

We currently offer a bespoke banner ad serving solution called Bannermate, which allows site owners to publish and manage their own flash banners within a website. The system can be deployed to any website and is managed easily through a secure dashboard.

Save thousands in creative fees and edit your banners in real-time!

BTS have developed an easy to use banner content management tool that allows website editors and webmasters to manage and update banner campaigns or inhouse promotion units without using external agencies or their design resources.

The system was developed because all-too-often, editors and marketing departments found the process of updating banners took too long and cost too much. This simple to use system empowers teams and individuals to make changes themselves in real time and cut out the middle man and ad ops teams to get banners live instantly. It also offers comprehensive traffic reports through its statistical reporting tool. And you can create GIF backups in one click with no need to upload any files or edit any flash files.

Prices start from just £75 a month for unlimited updates so contact us today for a live demo.

The following banners are examples of how a Bannermate banner could be used for your business.

Make your banners better

If you’d like to see how your banner campaigns can get the kind of results you demand, drop us a line. We’d love to explain how we work, and we can send you a free quotation and answer any of your questions.


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