Shoreditch lunch club: Round 10 – Tram Shed

Its been too long to mention since we last posted a Shoreditch Lunch Club review and lots have changed in 860 days, a hell of a lot. The question is; have the lunch options and eateries changed in Shoreditch in that time? Dam right they have, and there’s more to choose from or at least there are different places to eat. One notable addition to the lunch circuit is Mark Hix’s, Tram Shed on Rivington Street.

Tram Shed restaurant

Believe it or not this used to be a tram-generator building way back before we had fixed wheel bikes to get around the ditch. After several different uses over the years this now revamped location is an impressive new setting in the middle of a busy centre area of Shoreditch. Its sheer scale and centre piece artwork by Damien Hurst are enough to make your eyebrow judder upwards for a few seconds in appreciation on your first visit.


The menu is simple: meat, hence the significance of the formaldehyde-encased cow and cock set on a pedestal in the middle of the room. On our lunch we opted for the Spring Chicken for one each. The chicken comes standing upright proudly on a plate. A little weird but funny at the same time. This place has humour which makes for an enjoyable and relaxed meal. The food was also very good.


The scores

Speed of service: Good quick service but it was fairly quite when we visited – 7
Quality: Very tasty chicken, well cooked. Chips were a little French but still ok– 6
Quantity: Just right – 8
Location: About 2 minutes from the office – 9
Value: £15.50 so not an express value mean – 6

Total score: 36/55

Not a high score but this is out of the normal £5 lunch area but we would say this is worth a visit day or night if you want to pretend to be fully or arty knowledge and food that stands up on plates. Also they lost out as there was no fish and chips on offer this time. Come on Hix, get your fish out!

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