Shoreditch Lunch Club: ROUND 2 – Electricity Showrooms

Electricity ShowroomsRound 2 of the lunch club saw us visit the 1920’s esque Electricity Showrooms in Hoxton Square.

After entering through the tricky rotating door (a definite health risk come 2am) the place had a nice buzz and sat with a window view of Hoxton street. In the Summer, these windows open right up. Perhaps a better exit route than the door?

Upset at the lack of a lunch menu, we sought comfort in good ‘ol fish and chips.

Haddock and Chips w/ Tartar Sauce £7.50

The scores:
Speed of service: Standard – 7
Quality: The presentation was good as was the fish but to our HORROR the ‘Heinz’ ketchup was in fact a sub-standard tomato sauce poured into the classic Heinz bottle – 3
Quantity: A good portion – 8
Location: About 1 minute – 9
Value: Dinner time prices for lunch time? – 6

5 point bonus for fish and chips on the menu totalling Electricity Showrooms score to: 38/55

There was a chance Electricity Showrooms was going to take the lead in our lunch club until our chips were dunked in lies. Poor form.