Shoreditch Lunch Club: ROUND 3 – Viet Grill

Things are hotting up in the Shoreditch lunch club and the third round has By the Scruff dining at one of the many Vietnamese restaurants in Shoreditch – Viet Grill.

Situated on the bustling Kingsland road you are spoilt for choice if the palate craves the far-east, with two other Vietnamese restaurants next door and many more along this stretch.

Viet Grill

The restaurant was surprisingly quiet for a Friday lunch time. Evenings typically see the restaurant spilling out the door.

The menu looked familiar; it turns out the restaurant is an offshoot from Old street’s ‘Cay Tre’ using the same menu.

Everything looked great but we opted for the lunch time deals with dishes being reduced from around £8 to £5 until 3pm.

Pho My xao
‘Pho’ or ‘egg’ noodles wokked over a high flame and laden with fresh vegetables with chef’s special.

Asahi draught

A hearty combination of noodles, vegetables and mixed meats including calamari, pork, prawns, beef and chicken.

The scores:
Speed of service:Good service although the place was quiet – 8
Quality: Fresh ingredients, freshly cooked. Fantastic – 9
Quantity: Plenty of food – 8
Location: The furthest we had walked so far, pushing that lunch hour – 7
Value: Receiving a meal off the dinner menu for cheap – 8

Having chips on the menu at this place would be a crime and the plethora of fish dishes ensures the Friday tradition continues. Although rules are rules, so one point deducted 4

Bringing Viet Grills’ score to: 44/55

The first proper restaurant for the lunch club showing bars how it’s done and Viet Grill leads the pack.