Shoreditch Lunch Club: ROUND 4 – Zigfrid Von Underbelly

Round 4 and By the Scruff dines at the trendy Zigfrid Von Underbelly on Hoxton Square.

The quirky decor makes for an interesting trip whilst you roam for a seat as Zigfrid’s is a popular location any time of the day. Downstairs holds the club – the Underbelly – which hosts all sorts of acts but recently the rock and indie scene have taken control.

Inside Zigfrid's

We spotted a few tables towards the back of the bar so wandered to a vacant one. Much rejoicing for their lunch time menu included fish and chips. So we ordered.

Fish and Chips £5
Pint of Grolsch

The scores:
Speed of service: More of ordering at the bar and waiting than table service – 6
Quality: Fine at £5 for the lunch deal but not worth the bumped up price otherwise – 7
Quantity: Craved extra chips! – 6
Location: About 2 minutes – 8
Value:The £5 lunch menu strikes again to our pleasure – 8

5 point bonus for fish and chips on the menu totalling Zigfrid Von Underbelly score to: 40/55

Come here for the atmosphere and and night time debauchery rather than the food.


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