Shoreditch Lunch Club: ROUND 6 – The Japanese Canteen

The Japanese canteen

By the Scruff’s attempt to travel round the world in 80 lunches took us to Japan in the shape of Hoxton’s Japanese Canteen. With emphasis on canteen, the place definitely had more of a take away vibe inside; very small with limited places to sit. With focus on those in a hurry, the ordering method was to queue at the till and either wait at the side with the too-busy-to-stay people or sit in a very tall chair around a very tall table. We sat. It also bothered me that the staff were not Japanese? Let’s hope they were in the kitchen.

Chicken katsu curry was my choice with Kirril opting for the Bento box, which looked like a taste of everything – traditional dish consisting of rice, either fish, meat or a vegetable curry served with sesame spinach and seaweed salad together with a side dish of miso soup. To the scores!

The scores
Speed of service:The food was ready relatively quick after ordering, to which they gave notice by shouting your number and you collecting. Speedy yes, polite… perhaps not.– 6
Quality:The Katsu curry is chicken covered in breadcrumbs, deep-fried with rice. Nice! – 7
Quantity:A belly full perfect for lunch. Could be disappointing if dinner was the timing – 7
Location: Just across the road – 8
Value:£5.95 wasn’t too bad for a lunch deal, pretty close to the £5 spec– 7

Lots of sushi on offer but no chips so only a fish bonus of 2.

Total score: 37/55

The Japanese canteen is fast food to go, catering for the hungry hoxtonite during their midday break.