Shoreditch Lunch Club: Round 8 – Bacchus Pub & Kitchen

Hoxton Street is off the beaten track of the trendy streets of Shoredicth but it has a few hidden treasures that are about a third of the price of its neighbouring streets.

A short walk up Hoxton Street brings you to Bacchus. A pub/eatery that is hidden behind a dark unwelcoming façade. It looks too posh at first glance to be worth a visit by the Lunch Club but on entering it turns into something completely different from what you might expect.

It has a smallish bar with a kitchen opening onto it and plenty of tables and seating. We were taken in by the ‘Express lunch’ option for a fiver as always and the menu selection was pretty good. Soft drink and a selection of fresh sandwiches – pork and apple, sausage, beetroot soup etc.

The scores

Speed of service: As we were 1 of two tables eating it was quick, helpful and friendly – 8
Quality: Nicely cooked, good condiments, fresh, great chips – 8
Quantity: Just right – 8
Location: About 3 minutes from the office – 9
Value: £5.00 for the Express menu – 9

Didn’t see fish and chips on the menu so zero points awarded! – 0

Total score: 42/55

Definitely worth a look for some decent lunch food in nice surroundings, well priced. Looks like they do a good Sunday Roast as well.

For more info www.bacchuspubandkitchen.com

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