Small Luxury Hotels banner ad campaign

SLH flash banner adverts

We were recently commissioned to design and produce a new banner campaign for Small Luxury Hotels (SLH).

The brief

We are trialling an online advertising campaign in the USA, with the aim of driving more bookings through This will be a primarily prospecting campaign, with a small amount of re-targeting. The prospecting part of the campaign will serve banner ads to high-value new users. These are users who have not visited our website,, before and who are judged to be in the market for booking a luxury hotel. The re-targeting part of the campaign will serve ads to users who have visited the site, engaged with it, but not made a booking.

Target audience

  • High-net worth
  • Luxury hotel goers
  • Male and female
  • Travellers looking for a personal, unique experience in a boutique hotel, rather than a chain hotel
  • Travellers making frequent leisure trips

Our approach

Our writers started by focusing on the key USP’s and wrote series of copy lines that would work across the different banner sizes. We then researched the available creative material owned by SLH that would be suitable and started the storyboard mock-ups.

After client approval, some amends and refining the flash banners were produced along with the backup GIFS. You can see them below.

The result


Wide Sky

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