Strategies for Social Media Management

Running a successful social media management campaign can be a difficult concept to get your head around. No matter the industry you work in, whether you’re a sole trader attempting to raise your own business profile or a social media manager for an international business, it can prove hard work to bring in the necessary traction. 

There’s a lot more to social media than just uploading a few pictures or tweets and expecting customers to come flocking in. Understanding the differences and the advantages of the three major platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is essential to implementing an effective plan. There can be far more than meets the eye when formulating a social media strategy, but there’s no doubt that it provides an excellent opportunity.

The Customer is King 

Researching and understanding your target audience is the most crucial and fundamental aspect to running a successful social media presence. Alongside the three major channels, discovering whether there are any other platforms that your customers frequent that might fly under the radar. Understanding your audience is no longer as simple as looking at demographics, you will need to understand the challenges they have and how your business can solve their problems. Establishing a customer ‘persona’ is one method in which this can be achieved, DigitalMarketer have set up a comprehensive website that makes it easier to pinpoint your ideal buyers. 

Depending on your company and the brand identity that you wish to present, the ideal place to upload your social content may be a rapidly growing space such as TikTok. This video-based platform has expanded rapidly over the past few years, with 41% of users between the ages of 16 and 24. If you’re seeking to tap into a young, fresh and ever increasing market then revamping your marketing videography skills may pay dividends. However, for those with a more professional outlook in mind, LinkedIn is where business-minded users turn to for more in-depth content. Regular posts on here may provide opportunities for your social media management strategy to grow.

A tactical mindset

Knowing who to target and which platforms to use is part of a successful social media marketing strategy. The next major aspect to nail down is the content that you will be posting, how to keep it unique and how to interact with followers. Establishing a blog in which interesting events and key concepts related to your sector are analysed is an excellent first step. However, content variation is crucial to keeping your target audience engaged. Research, reflect and discuss with your team on what attracts the consumers, what do they react well to and approach challenges creatively.

A one sided discussion will always become boring eventually, no matter the quality of the speaker or their material. Keep things fun and engaging for your customers by getting them involved, or perhaps even closely related or rival businesses. The content that goes viral is often that which relates to a widespread audience. You can engineer these situations by building relationships with popular influencers, responding to queries and questions in the comments section and hosting giveaways for a few lucky participants. Thinking outside the box, as well as trial and error, will be your biggest advantage when laying out an effective social media management strategy.