Top trends for web developers in 2021

As we head into the first part of the new year, it is vitally important for web developers to stay ahead of the curve in 2021. The current total number of websites has reached 1.8 billion, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In a heavily saturated sector, web developers need to show what it is that sets them apart from the herd, and the skills they have that will bring internet users flooding to a website in droves. 

Your website is the beating heart of your business, where the vast majority of customers will make a split second decision on whether your services or products are right for them. Whether you have a team of web developers at your disposal, or you take up the mantle yourself, for your business to top the search rankings and compete with the best, you will need a water tight plan and utilise the best tools. 

The technical side 

An essential aspect of web development for those keen on frontend development are website technologies and languages such as HTML and CSS. Whilst these technologies are quite old in comparison to others, HTML especially being one of the oldest, it is impossible to grasp the fundamentals and therefore the new developments without them. 

HTML is a primary source and pillar of modern web development, the standard mark-up language for creating web pages to this day. CSS is a styling tool that structures the design on websites, often used in conjunction with tools such as Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS and Materialise. With 48% of consumers saying that a website’s design is the deciding factor in determining a business’ credibility, it is of the utmost importance for your website to look beautiful and function smoothly. Therefore, sharpening up your HTML and CSS expertise is still crucial to your online success in 2021.

Cutting-edge developments 

As technology evolves ever rapidly, keeping your website in prime condition may require an installation of the most up to date programmes on the market. Voice Recognition Technology (IoT) is set to triple over the next few years according to new data from Juniper Research, with improvements to voice searches occurring consistently and big companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft utilising this technology to drive innovation. 

Cloud computing is set to make a huge mark in 2021, with new research predicting the new sphere to grow up to $306.9 billion by the end of the year. Preventing data loss and overloading, cloud technology has the capacity to replace regular services, transforming the future of web development in the process. It has never been more important for businesses to stay on top of the latest trends, in order to tap into a rich market of new opportunities.