Where are the best free WordPress themes?

WordPress themes

One of the most appreciated features of WordPress is the ability to radically change the appearance and functionality by simply changing the theme. We would like to provide a few resources to make finding the best free WordPress themes easier.

1. The WordPress.org theme directory

This is simply the largest free WordPress theme resource out there. Searching through it might take some time, but you might find some rare jewels in there. To make your search easier, you should use the tag/filter search interface and only select the themes that feature the functionality and the layout that you are after.


The most popular and usually the best themes can be found here:


2. Moon Themes

Moon themes is a very small theme directory, all from a single team. While the choice is limited, the themes provided are very customisable and the basic layouts offered by the various themes are usually enough to satisfy even the most unusual requests.


3. The default themes

Often overlooked as very basic and standard, they are misunderstood. The default Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Twelve themes are very customisable and can be made unrecognisable and may suit a lot of feature requirements in a very short amount of time. Use the appearance management in the backend to discover the wealth of features they offer!

What if you don’t want to hunt around for the best free WordPress themes?

While it may seem like an easy endeavour, it still can be a very time consuming one if you have never done it before and letting WordPress experts do this for you may be the best option for you. WordPress experts like us could find you the best free WordPress themes, set them up on your own web site and configure them to match your needs for you, even on the smallest of budgets.

So get in touch now and let us take care of the hunt for you!