Why WordPress for your CMS?


Amongst the hundreds of sites offering cutting edge CMS features and options, it can be difficult to pinpoint the perfect platform. For creative agencies and corporate companies alike, WordPress CMS can prove to be a perfect fit for organising and publishing your content.

With a 63% share in the CMS market and powering 37.6% of all websites on the Internet, WordPress is a dominant force in the digital sphere. As the most widely used and accessible CMS platform, distinguished organisations including the New Yorker and Sony Music have chosen it as their website of choice. It is therefore imperative for businesses seeking an accessible, effective CMS programme to familiarise themselves with WordPress.

Best in the business

The popularity of the platform as a CMS base for websites is largely due to its user friendly nature. Without the need for coding knowledge, entrepreneurs of all stripes can create, revise and publish content at an incredibly fast rate. Updating an existing article or adding images and video is as simple as pushing a button, adding a new text box or installing the right plugin.

Speaking of plugins, with over 55,000 to choose from you can easily personalise the presentation of your content across all of your channels. The right combination can attract clients and customers to a unique, tailor made business site or ecommerce store.

Not only will your content look fresh and engaging, your CMS system allows you to add more contributors to create and refresh your online content. Whether you hire a group of freelancers temporarily or employ a brand new team, WordPress allows you full control over scheduling and workflow. 

Tools of the trade

With such a plethora of options available, its vital to make the right choices and familiarise yourself with as many features as possible. With the sheer amount of plugins available, analysing each one is unfeasible but there are a number of popular ones focused on a specific function.

MonsterInsights connects your website with Google Analytics, presenting the engagement statistics and other relevant data straight onto your WordPress dashboard. Optimising the website accordingly to drive up traffic, revenue and subscriber figures. Yoast SEO is also one of the most in-demand SEO plugins to date. Installing it provides readability and keyword analysis to sharpen up your content, as well as title and meta description templates for improved branding.

Approximately half of all website traffic is viewed from a mobile device, augmenting a mobile-friendly plugin has therefore become a necessity. The choices are plentiful, so making the right call is paramount to the success of your CMS campaigns. WPtouch is a popular choice for site owners seeking a quick turnaround to implement new features and themes. The plugin also includes a Google Mobile Test and ensures the website passes, securing your SEO rankings and improving them over time.

Trust the experts

There is a huge amount of information to take in when it comes to WordPress CMS, and its implementation can be even more taxing. By the Scruff have provided secure and effective CMS development to ensure optimum speed and boost sales for over fifteen years. Discover how our industry-leading expertise has aided online businesses to grow and achieve lasting success.