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Croner Solutions have recently introduced a more advanced keyword search results page on their website

This customisation was bought about by the need to sort what results were specific to a product or a news


As Croner Solutions is all about providing a product or service to its customers, then it was important to make sure that the search results page clearly separates between the two. It was also important to be able to choose what the most relevant result should be and to force this result rather than rely on the WordPress search engine to choose a result based on keyword density.

Keyword phrases that are searched for are logged using the plug-in, Relevanssi. This enables Croner to see what searches have been made over a historical period. Using this data we are then able to tailor the search results by using the common phrases and keywords that people have used to search on the website. Relevanssi tells us whether any results were found for each phrase searched and we can then force a result for a keyword that might have otherwise displayed no results.

This is especially useful if a webmaster sees traffic and searches being generated due to a news article or current affairs issue relevant to their business. In the case of Croner there are ongoing topical issues surrounding employment law and issues or advice. They have found that customers will visit the Croner site to search for these issues and there are not always pages available. That’s when this kind of search result customisation are very useful and can help a business retain a customer and channel them towards a relevant department.

Here’s how it works

The new search results page provides the same results as the old one (search logic wise), however it also allows “promoted” results to be inserted before the “organic” results.

The search results page

Custom wordpress keyword search results

The new layout clearly breaks down pages and posts into 2 clearly visible sections and allows further filtering through services by keyword. Please note that the promoted results ignore this filtering and will always stay on top.
6 most likely results are displayed by default, with all further results conveniently hidden behind the “View all page(or posts) results” button, clicking either one of the buttons will display all results available, without reloading the page using a quick sliding animation.
In the backend you can build special conditions that include groups of phrases or keywords. You can then select and page or post and arrange the ordering of the results on the page. See below.
Adding conditions in the dashboard
Wordpress search

If you would like to talk to us about improving your WordPress search page layout or if you need help in optimising your website then call us on 0207 033 4269 or use the form below and we’ll get back to you.