Work structures – What will be the ‘the new normal’?

When covid-19 hit, businesses had to rethink how they worked. Some already had flexible working in place so they transitioned easier, whilst others needed to put in place the technology to allow this on a full time basis. 

It isn’t just businesses that have had to adapt during this time. Employees have had to change their working structure and cope with the many hurdles of online working. Everything from dealing with internet issues, teaching or managing childcare whilst working to finding a new desk! Dining tables around the country have given way to computers, screens and copious amounts of sticky notes. 

Digital agencies usually conjure images of funky modern offices with a pool table. These desirable aspects of agency life meant it was widely seen as a nerve wracking change to the team dynamics. Across the board, many agencies were set up for remote working due to having to travel for clients and therefore work from hotels and cafes where needed but it was the strong team spirit and morale that was of concern.

Whilst zoom/teams calls have become ‘the new normal’, it has also been an empowering experience for many as they have not only seen service levels and productivity stay steady, in some cases they have actually seen an improvement. Many agencies have put this down to the flexibility which has allowed employees to put themselves first. Removing the morning commute has allowed people to get a workout in or enjoy a leisurely dog walk before starting the day refreshed. The same goes for evening commutes, where employees are happy to stay a little late to finish off a task, meaning they can relax and not worry about that niggling job they have to do tomorrow.

Where service levels and productivity haven’t suffered, and in some cases, even improved, some agencies are handing back the keys to the office and moving to permanent remote working. Others are planning on moving to a hybrid working pattern with a mix of office and remote working. 

Hybrid working is something that By The Scruff has been doing for many years and plans to continue doing once we are able to safely return to London. We enjoy the sites and sounds of the city, which is why we have kept our membership at Shoreditch House, but appreciate the positives of working from home. We are also looking forward to meeting with clients and wowing them with everything we can do at By The Scruff.